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Forest therapy & rafting course

Trekking season has come. We also introduced this course last year and it was very popular! This plan combines forest therapy in Mount Ichifusa, which Kumamoto prefecture is proud of, overnight stay, and rafting.
Forest therapy & rafting course
  • Forest therapy & rafting course
  • Weekdays (per person)
  • 12,000yen~
  • Weekends and holidays (per person)
  • 12,000yen~
  • Assembling time: NA

Time schedule Time schedule

Day 1:Forest therapy
Local experts who know everything about the forest will explain in details about the healing effect of the forest, types of trees and plants in the forest, and the history of the village. You can participate this from a small number of people.

Lunch:Therapy Bento (prior booking required)

Forest Therapy Bento which used plenty of local ingredients. Bento lunch which is eaten in the forest is exceptional.

Accommodation:Facilities in Yuyama Hot spring Village

Day 2:Rafting
Thrilling and exciting! Laugh loud and shout!
Well-known king of outdoor! Relieve your stress through rafting.

Enquiry about the forest therapy

  • Forest Therapy Promotion Council (in Planning and Tourism Department, Mizukami Village Office)
  • If you have enquires about the fees, please contact us from the following.
  • 0966-44-0312
  • Reference site

Enquiry about rafting

  • Rafting Kumagawa ABC
  • 0966-42-2103
Booking and enquiry
Booking and enquiry by telephone