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Company outline

Company name
Kumagawa ABC Co., Ltd.
Masanaga Matsushita
Bunshichi Watanabe
660 Shimoharada-machi, Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture 868-0086
In case of emergency (mobile)
Limited to the designated course (Kumagawa River and its tributary)
Following rules must be followed.
Joining qualifications
Mentally and physically healthy person older than age 10. You don’t need to be able to swim! Please consult us if you have a chronic disease (such as heart disease).
We firmly refuse those who have been drinking on the day.
We refuse those who are pregnant.
Disclaimer consent
Various dangers are involved in rafting, so there are cases that the staff will not be able to ensure all safety.
In these cases, the participants must take actions by self-judgement.
To check that you understand the above before participating, we ask you to sign a disclaimer consent form set by the company.
(We require consent from parents if the participants is under 18 years old)
The participants automatically take out accident insurance. Please deal with an accident at your own responsibly using this insurance.
Tour cancellation
It will be on even if it rains. However, we may have to cancel it depending on the natural condition such as the rise of the river. In a case of cancellation, we will try our best to contact you (or the representative of a party) by the day before the tour. We will give you a priority to book your tour on another day to suit your convenience. Please note that we may change the tour content depending on the weather condition.
Cancellation fees
You will be charged the following cancellation fees if cancellation is made after reservation due to your own decision (We will also charge the following even if the payment has not been made yet upon cancellation).
  • 2-6 days before30% of the participation fee
  • The day before50% of the participation free
  • On the day100% of the participation fee