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Characteristics of ABC

BBQ area

  • Fun BBQ at the fashionably renovated BBQ area♪
  • Enjoy outdoor in style♪ We have a Coleman stove!
  • Equipped with toilet!
  • We have mouthwash that you can use after eating BBQ♪
  • We get the BBQ meat from Butcher Yamamoto, which runs Yakiniku Gyusha♪ These meats are so yummy♪

Shower room

  • There are 6 showers and 2 toilets in the female shower room!
  • You can see yourself in the big mirror! We provide not only shampoo, conditioner and body soap but also sunblock, cotton buds, body cream and all-in-one gel etc.

We will take plenty of photos

  • We will follow you for the whole day from the hill! (Single-lens camera)
  • We will take fun shots on the boat! (Waterproof camera)
  • CDR full of wonderful shots from the day only costs 1,000 yen! If you buy one, you can share it wit everyone in your group♪


  • Specious car park You can park bus too♪
  • You can also enjoy the waiting time playing with toys and face painting♪
  • We have plenty of wetsuit, helmet and rental shoes♪
  • You might get ABC’s signature pancake if you are lucky.
  • We sell smoothie full of vitamins!
  • Our humorous staff
Booking and enquiry
Booking and enquiry by telephone

Particular about safety

  • We all obtained RAJ licence (except trainees)
    A senior guide (who holds RAJ license for more than 3 years and has experience of more than 100 trips) will accompany with you as the top leader on each tour.
  • Ground staff will be watching so that they can act fast in case of emergencies.
  • In addition to the main guide, a sub guide will accompany you on the boat. The sub guide will be able to protect our customers if something happens to the main guide.
  • We took Rescue 3 course (rapid stream rescue).
  • We received many awards from the fire/rescue department on countless occasions.
  • Only those who received dozens of trainings and passed a strict internal exam will make a debut as a guide.
  • We check whether there are no inadequate equipment before every tour.
  • We have safety meeting before and after tours.
Booking and enquiry
Booking and enquiry by telephone